Priority Rating's Hero

Priority Rating

High Priority—inspected minimum of three times per year

Examples include hospitals, full-service restaurants and establishments conducting processing at retail.  

  • Extensive menu and handling of raw ingredients. 
  • Complex preparation including cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding that involves many Time-Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods. 
  • Establishments serving a highly susceptible population or that conduct specialized processes, e.g., smoking and curing or reduced oxygen packaging for extended shelf‐life.
  • Variety of processes require hot and cold holding of TCS food.

Medium Priority—inspected minimum of twice per year

Examples include schools, retail food store operations, and quick service operations. 

  • Limited menu.
  • Most products are prepared/cooked and served immediately. 
  • May involve hot and cold holding of TCS foods after preparation or cooking. 
  • Complex preparation of TCS foods requiring cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding is limited to only a few TCS foods.

Low Priority—inspected minimum of once per year

Examples include most convenience store operations, hot dog carts, and coffee shops.  

  • Establishments that serve or sell only pre‐packaged, non-TCS foods. 
  • Establishments that heat a limited amount of only non-TCS foods for hot holding. 
  • No cooling of TCS foods.