Tours and Special Presentations

THD occasionally receives requests for private tours of our facilities, special presentations at a THD location, and interviews with staff members for research purposes. These requests come from a variety of sources, including local students, community partner agencies and government officials interested in public health and the programs provided by THD. While we cannot accommodate every request, we make every attempt to do so when time and resources allow. In order to accommodate as many of these requests as possible, the maximum time permitted for a visit is 1 hour. These requests must be submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the date needed.

Please take a moment to complete this form. Someone from THD will follow up with you within 5 business days if additional information is needed.

What would you like to request?
If you selected a tour, which location?
Is this date flexible?
What are your goals for this tour/presentation/interview? What do you hope to learn from the Tulsa Health Department? Please provide as much details as possible so that we can make the best arrangement to meet your needs.