You Can't Avoid Catching Feelings.

You Can Avoid Catching Chlamydia.

Use Condom a To Prevent Chlamydia.

You May Still Get Ghosted.

You Won't Get Gonorrhea.

Use A Condom To Prevent Gonorrhea.

Positivity Can Be Contagious. Literally.

Schedule Your STI Test Today.

STI Treatment And Testing

Better protect yourself from rising STI infection rates by making safer, more informed decisions when it comes to your sexual health.


Free Condoms

Get free condoms from any THD clinic by asking for the “brown bag” at the front desk OR get condoms shipped to your door with the Take Control initiative.
STI testing


Need to schedule a test? Our services are confidential and affordable.

STI treatment


Get STI treatment for yourself and up to three partners from THD in one discreet visit.

Take Control Of Your Sexual Health


Your Guide To Sexual Health

Got an awkward questions you need answered? Visit our Teen Guide to Sexual Health


Take Control Initiative

Get condoms shipped to your door for free, learn about available birth control methods, and more with the Take Control initiative.

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