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Burning Variances​

Open burning is restricted in Tulsa County in order to protect our community’s air quality. Residents must get a permit for most open burning.

Apply For Permit

THD helps enforce the restrictions by issuing permits for burning variances and by conducting inspections for a limited amount of tree and brush material. Exemptions to open burning restrictions include burning associated with:

  • Food preparation
  • Ceremonial occasions
  • Recreational purposes

In addition, fires set for training operations or the abatement of nuisances in the interest of public health are permitted with approval from THD.

If you plan to engage in open burning, or to operate an open-pit incinerator, in Tulsa County, you must file a request to receive a burning variance permit from THD. There are no fees. For more information, please call 918-595-4200.

Rules and regulations regarding air contaminant sources in Tulsa County are listed in the City of Tulsa Clean Air Code, Title 17, Chapter 7, Tulsa Revised Code, and in County of Tulsa Clean Air Code under authority of Title 63, Oklahoma Statutes section 1-120 and 1-213.


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