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Lodging Inspections​

THD inspects lodgings in Tulsa County to ensure they comply with the rules set by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Learn how and where to submit an application for your business.

Lodging establishments (hotels and motels) are regulated by the Oklahoma State Department of Health Rules and Regulations: Oklahoma Lodging Rules and Regulations.

The Tulsa Health Department Environmental Health Services personnel inspect lodging businesses in Tulsa County through a contract with the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Inspections are performed on a representative number of random rooms for general sanitary conditions. Licenses are granted and renewable on an annual basis.

General Overview of Lodging

A lodging facility is an establishment with four or more rooms offered for overnight stay to transient guests.

General Requirements include:

  • Proper lighting, ventilation and toilet facilities.
  • Clean and proper linens on beds which are in good condition.
  • Proper linen storage, separate clean and soiled linens.
  • Housekeeper carts that are properly stocked and maintained.
  • Vermin control; mice, roaches and bedbugs
  • Laundry facilities clean and maintained.
  • Fire, plumbing and electrical inspections—deficiencies referred to appropriate agency.

For questions or complaints, please call us at 918-595-4200. You may also use our online complaint form.

Lodging Businesses with Food

A lodging facility may serve limited foods under its lodging license (refer to 310:285-3-14) in the Oklahoma Lodging Rules and Regulations.

Facilities with more extensive food service must comply with local and state food service guidelines. OAC 310:257

Contact the city or county where your business will be located and inquire about the following ordinances, requirements and permits:

  • Zoning
  • Building (including plumbing, electrical and mechanical)
  • Fire
  • Tulsa Health Department (THD)

Plan Overview

Building and construction plans must be submitted to the THD for review prior to opening. The local building office may also require building plans to be submitted. Contact the local code/permit office on exact requirements.

When To Submit Plans for Review

Plans shall be submitted to THD for review prior to:

  1. The construction of a new lodging facility.
  2. The conversion of an existing structure for use as a lodging facility.

What to Submit

Plans submitted for THD review must include the following:

  • Plans drawn to scale
  • Site plan – overall layout of the facility, including laundry facilities, any food service areas including full or continental breakfast, bars, and wait stations.

For more information, call 918-595-4200.

Submitting an Application for Review

Plans and applications can be submitted digitally or as hardcopies.

Digital Submission

Electronically submitted plan documents must be submitted in PDF format. Each sheet must illustrate a typical graphic scale. If more than one scale is used on a sheet, an independent graphic scale must accompany applicable layout detail. All plans must be drawn to scale. The plan documents should be submitted as one file and include an index sheet. PDF plan drawings with a written review summarizing any necessary changes, will be returned to the submitter.

Required documents needed for digital submission:

Hardcopy Submission

Submitter hand-delivers plan documents or sends to our office by courier located at 5051 South 129th East Ave. Plan application, finish schedule document, plan review questionnaire, along with establishment plans must be submitted with the appropriate fee, made payable to the Tulsa Health Department.

Two standard-sized copies of the plans are needed for all cities within Tulsa County. Preferred plan submission size is ARCH D or 24”x36” but other size will be accepted. Any plans submitted must be large enough so that they are easy to read. Plans submitted that are not legible may be rejected or denied during submission, requiring modifications before acceptance for review. 

Regardless of submission process, the review time should take approximately fourteen (14) business days. One set of plans and a written review summary outlining any necessary changes, will be returned to the submitter. Please review all notes prior to construction and keep the Tulsa Health Department set on the premise until the final THD inspection is conducted. All changes must be cleared through the THD.

For questions regarding food establishment plans, please call 918-595-4300.

Building Permit Information

Guidelines for Bed and Breakfast

B&Bs are private houses where up to three rooms are available to guests for pay and the only meal included in the cost is breakfast. If the number of rooms exceeds three, then lodging regulations apply. B&Bs serving meals other than those defined as “continental breakfast” or “full breakfast” must meet the requirements of the Food Service Establishments Regulations (OAC Chapter 310:257).


Continental Breakfast is restricted to the following foods:

  • Beverages like coffee, tea and fruit juices
  • Pasteurized Grade A milk
  • Fresh fruits
  • Frozen and commercially processed fruits
  • Baked goods like pastries, rolls, breads and muffins, which are non-potentially hazardous foods
  • Cereals
  • Jams, jellies, honey, and maple syrup
  • Pasteurized Grade A creams and butters, non-dairy creamers
  • Commercially manufactured hard cheeses, cream cheese and yogurt

Full Breakfast is a breakfast meal that includes foods other than those listed above.


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