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Property Maintenance​

Learn about potential health hazards like stagnant water, unsanitary animal conditions, leaking sewer lines, and more, while understanding how to report these issues for a safer community.

Protecting Against Public Health Nuisances​

THD helps enforce Tulsa County and City of Tulsa public nuisance programs that seek to eliminate unsanitary conditions that pose potential hazards to public health. Some examples of public health nuisances include:

  • Stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed
  • Animal carcasses
  • Accumulation of manure, trash, rubble, etc.
  • Leaking sewer lines or septic tanks
  • Animals kept in unsanitary conditions
  • Fire-damaged or dilapidated structures
  • Solid or industrial waste
  • Dense smoke, strong odors, noxious fumes, etc.
  • Accumulation of blowing trash, building materials, etc.
  • Damaged or dead trees
  • Discharges into any storm drainage system
  • Noxious growth of vegetation/weeds

To report a possible premise sanitation violation or public health nuisance, please click here to submit an online complaint or call 918-595-4200. THD will take necessary action or refer you to the proper authority with jurisdiction to handle your complaint.


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