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Certified Healthy Business Networking Breakfast and Workshop

Thursday, August 8

Tulsa Health Department James O. Goodwin Health Center 
5051 S. 129 E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

Facilitator: Kathy Payne, Director of Health Promotion, Oklahoma State Health Department

Hosted by Tulsa County Wellness Partnership, a sponsored group of the Family Health Coalition, Tulsa Area Wellness Forum, and Shape Your Future

RSVP via email to Alisabeth Narcomey

The Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business program was started in 2003 by the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the State Chamber, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

The Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business status recognizes businesses that are working to improve employee health by providing wellness opportunities and implementing policies that lead to healthier lifestyles. Businesses that promote health and wellness see a return on investment with decreased insurance premiums, fewer sick days taken, increased productivity and better morale among staff. Oklahoma businesses that advocate for health are recognized as leaders in the community! We’re glad you are taking this opportunity to become a 2012 Certified Healthy Business!

Reasons to Apply to be a Certified Healthy Business

Makes wellness in the workplace a priority
Makes a positive contribution to employee health
Better health leads to better business
Marketing tool for your business
Customer recognition


Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to apply to become an Oklahoma Certified Healthy Business. Whether your business employs one or more than 1,000, we hope you will apply.
Please note that the 2013 business application information now includes Governmental Agencies and School Administrative offices. The Certified Healthy Business designation has always been open to governmental agencies, but this year those agencies will be identified on the application itself.
Higher educational institutions including Career Technology Centers now have the opportunity to apply to become a Certified Healthy Campus and, Administrative offices of those institutions may apply to become a Certified Healthy Business. It would not be unusual for a single entity to be certified as a healthy business and a healthy campus.
If a city administrative office within a municipality wishes to become a Certified Healthy Business, the city office may apply as one single entity. You also have the opportunity as a local municipality to complete an application to become a Certified Healthy Community.

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