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Be The Change, Be a Community Champion

Be a part of a movement where your voice and experiences matter

We are seeking dedicated female community members who are eager to share their stories and connect with others to collectively address sexual health and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

The Tulsa Health Department values your insights and is committed to collaborating with females aged 18 to 42 to develop effective strategies, particularly focusing on preventing Syphilis. Your involvement will directly contribute to shaping a plan that addresses the unique needs of this demographic.

Your involvement will not only impact the community but also empower you to make a lasting difference in the field of sexual health.

Join us in creating a healthier and safer environment for all

A Community Champion will

  • Engage with women aged 18 to 42 at various locations in Tulsa to gather their experiences, voices, and feedback on sexual health and STIs
  • Attend job training sessions to equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge
  • Participate in at least two community advisory board meetings, providing valuable feedback to enhance planning


  • Enjoy a competitive payment of $25 per hour for up to 67 hours
  • Contract is funded up to 67 hours or through
    July 31st, 2024, whichever comes first

For more information, contact Raven Helmick at

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