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Guest Feature: Five Important Numbers for your Heart Health

Author: Priscilla Haynes, THD Preventive Health Division Chief

Today we wrap up American Heart Month. Do you know the five most important numbers that will help you take control of your heart health?  Yes, I said five. 

They are: 
1. Total Cholesterol
2. HDL (good) Cholesterol
3. Blood pressure
4. Blood Sugar
5. Body Mass Index (BMI)

Knowing these numbers can help you and your healthcare provider determine your risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. It’s time for you to learn the most critical numbers in your life…your heart depends on it. 

You can contact any of the THD clinics to schedule an appointment and be screened for hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. The nurse can also check your weight and calculate your BMI. Our efforts are focused on screening for prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment through referrals.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, especially if you consider yourself perfectly healthy; your perception may not always equal reality.

Here are some healthy tips: 
• Lower your salt and sodium intake. Before you consume it, read the label and be knowledgeable about what is contained in the food you eat.
• Commit to improving your eating habits by developing a healthy diet and healthy cooking skills. Eat more fruits and vegetable and stay hydrated.
• Get moving! Practice an active lifestyle and eliminate sedentary practices from your daily routine.
• Schedule regular check-ups with your physician to monitor your health.

Your heart will thank you.

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