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Health Officials Monitoring Travelers Returning from Ebola-Affected Countries

TULSA, OK – [October 30, 2014 8:15 PM] – In accordance with recently implemented Oklahoma State Department of Health active post-arrival monitoring program, Tulsa Health Department officials have been monitoring an individual in Tulsa County who recently traveled from West Africa for the Ebola virus. Per the CDC post-arrival monitoring guidelines, the individual is classified as low risk, which means the person has traveled to Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone within the previous 21 days, but did not have any known exposure to Ebola.

THD staff has been in contact with the person daily over the 21 day surveillance period to monitor for symptoms and report their measured body temperature, as recommended by the OSDH and CDC’s guidance of active monitoring of low risk individuals. The individual informed health officials late this evening that they had developed a fever. THD officials immediately implemented an isolation and evaluation plan in conjunction with the Regional Medical Response System following appropriate protocols to limit exposure. The individual was transported via ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation.

The individual did not provide care for or have contact with anyone who has Ebola, and has very low risk for Ebola infection by CDC standards. Out of respect for the individual’s privacy, no further information will be released.
THD has been working closely with OSDH, Oklahoma City-County Health Department and other statewide partners under a unified incident command system to ensure a coordinated response among public health officials, first responders, law enforcement, hospitals, and community leaders.

Continuing updates will be provided to media outlets as new details about the situation become available and further public health bulletins will be released at regular intervals.

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