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Local Senior Executive Honored as Winner of Fourth Annual ‘Healthy Executive’ Challenge

TULSA, OK – [May 23, 2017] – Stephania Grober, vice president of sales and marketing at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, will be honored as the winner of the fourth annual Healthy Executive challenge during a special recognition luncheon at OU-Tulsa at noon on Wednesday.

The challenge is designed to recognize the top company executives who support their company’s worksite wellness policies and programs while maintaining their own personal commitment to health and wellness. Individuals who hold the rank of an executive or in senior management (VP, COO, CFO) for a company in Tulsa County were eligible to be nominated as a Healthy Executive, whether that be a senior vice president who is an avid cyclist or a chief operating officer who packs a healthy lunch daily.

“As a leader of a health insurance company, it is important for me to prioritize my own health and wellness and serve as a positive example to our employees and more than 800,000 members across the state,” said Grober. “I want others to know that you can take control of your own health by making smart choices every day and setting aside time for physical activity.”

Grober is an avid long-distance runner, having logged various marathons throughout her running career. Starting with the New York Marathon in 2003, Grober has since participated in the Paris Marathon in 2014 and both the Chicago Marathon and the Route 66 Half Marathon in 2015. She followed up those races with another stint in the New York Marathon in 2016. She has also been a key leader in engaging other employees to run and participate in the Route 66 Marathon’s Corporate Challenge, encouraging employees to follow her example, and find a fitness partner at work to say accountable.

Senior leadership can support employees by creating healthy cultures, improving their health and well-being while lowering healthcare costs and driving engagement. The obvious benefits such as lower healthcare costs and improved employee productivity are a great reason to encourage wellness in the workplace, as well as improve employee retention rates.

“Company productivity, growth and employee health are interdependent. When an employee feels valued and supported with regards to his or her own health and well-being, the entire company benefits,” said Dr. Bruce Dart, Tulsa Health Department executive director.

Previous winners of the Healthy Executive challenge include Paula Marshall, chief executive officer of the Bama Companies; Dave Darcey, vice president of strategic development at Williams; Philip Kurtz, chief executive officer at CareATC; Dave Crowell, vice president of finance at Enovation Controls; Mark A. Gray, executive director for Inverness Village; and Bob Peterson, president of Melton Truck Lines.

The annual contest is hosted by the Tulsa Health Department and the TSET Healthy Living Program serving Tulsa County. To learn more about the winner, please visit

Healthy Living Program
The TSET Healthy Living Program serving Tulsa county is a grant-funded program which seeks to prevent and reduce tobacco use and obesity by working with businesses, cities and governments, schools, and community institutions and organizations, to help make the healthy choice the easy choice. The program is funded through a grant by the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust. For more information visit

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