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Temporary and Seasonal Food Events​

Understand all you need to know about securing permits, abiding by hygiene standards, complying with commissary requirements, and special guidelines for seasonal establishments and farmers markets.

The information on this page contains the complete guidelines for permitting and operating a temporary food establishment at a special event in Tulsa County. Please ensure that all pertinent information outlined in the temporary food establishment guidelines is correctly set up at your food booth. This includes floors, walls, overhead protection, ware washing, and hand washing requirements, as well as equipment for hot and cold holding.

We hope the information will assist you in the process. If, after reading the information, you have any further questions, please call our office at (918) 595-4300.

“Event” means a public transitory celebration such as, but not limited to: a fair, festival, circus, exhibition, carnival, food and/or drink tasting. A Temporary, Seasonal, or Special Event Food establishment may only operate at an event that has been approved by this department.

In order to sell or give away any food or beverage product at an event, you are required to hold the proper permit. Please refer to the guidelines for event requirements.

Notification of your event participation is required (7) seven days prior to the event. Any vendor that has not contacted our office prior to the event may not be approved for operation. This includes give away and fundraiser events. Permits must be obtained prior to the preparation of any food. No food from a previous event or another state may be used unless the vendor has an Oklahoma State Department of Health mobile food license. There are no exceptions. Inspectors will issue permits and collect permit fees onsite the day of the event at a time schedule with the event organizer. Any food vendor who does not meet the requirements for operation 30 minutes after the official start time of the event will be asked to leave. If a vendor is found operating without the required permits, citations may be issued. It is the responsibility of the event organizer and the individual vendors to ensure the health department has been contacted and the required permits are obtained.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health license fee is $50.00 for the 1st day and $25.00 for each day after with a max of 14 days. The max fee is $250.00. If event surpasses the max of 14 days, a new license will be issued. An additional city license fee may also be required.

All vendors that are conducting any food storage or food preparation prior to the event must do so at a food establishment that holds a current Oklahoma State Department of Health food license. No food prepared out of state or at an unlicensed facility will be permitted (no exceptions).

Seasonal food establishments may obtain a license that will be valid for 180 days per year, unless canceled or revoked prior to its expiration. Seasonal food establishments can only serve non-Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods. The only exception is that liquid dairy products are now permitted if the facility has a commercial refrigerator within the facility.

They must comply with the requirements of a temporary food establishment. For more information, please call 918-595-4300.

Farmers markets are increasing in popularity due to the fresh, wholesome and home grown products they provide to the community. Over the past 5 years, Oklahoma has experienced a drastic increase in farmers markets throughout the state.

For information on selling baked/processed/manufactured food or beverage items at a farmers market please call 918-595-4300.


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