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Hearing Services​

Hearing loss is one of the most common birth defects. It can be present at birth or develop later in childhood. Ear infections and middle ear fluid can also cause delays in speech and language development and should be properly identified and treated.

Child Guidance currently provides audiology services for clients from birth to 21 years old. Charges for services are based on your family size and income. SoonerCare and some private insurances are accepted. You won’t be refused services if you are unable to pay. Interpreter services in Spanish are provided. Testing is recommended if your child:

  • Did not pass the newborn hearing screening at the hospital
  • Did not pass school hearing screening
  • Has had multiple ear infections
  • Has not developed speech and language appropriately or has had a regression in speech
  • Has sinus and allergy problems
  • Has a family member with hearing loss
  • Has difficulty paying attention or is often caught daydreaming
  • Has a developmental delay or other medical conditions

Newborn Hearing Screening Follow-up Testing (birth to 5 months): If your baby referred testing in the hospital or has factors that were considered high risk for hearing loss, then it is very important that you have your baby retested.

Hearing Evaluation (6 months to 21 years old): Diagnostic behavioral hearing tests are performed. Parents or physicians who are concerned about their child’s hearing or speech development should schedule an appointment for a hearing test.

Hearing Aid and Related Services (birth to 21 years): We evaluate, select, and program amplification and/or other assistive listening devices. Children diagnosed with a hearing loss should be amplified as soon as possible to prevent regression in learning and speech development.

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