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Set Simple Goals and Make Healthy Swaps in 2023

Healthy swaps don’t have to be big changes. Instead, set realistic goals for yourself and your family that will add up to a healthy lifestyle. Love a chicken sandwich? Try a healthy swap by ordering grilled chicken over fried and opting for a side of fruit instead of French fries. Too cold outside for a walk? Make physical activity a family event with an indoor obstacle course or a dance party in the kitchen to your family’s favorite music. A healthy lifestyle isn’t about giving up the things you love, it’s just about making a few healthy changes.

“Unrealistic goals can be overwhelming and hard to achieve,” said Nichelle Slavens, wellness coordinator. “Each day, try making a simple change, even if it’s small like five more minutes of movement or trying a new fruit or vegetable. Small changes add up to a healthier you.”

Need some ideas on easy swaps to make this New Year? Here are some ideas that can really make a difference: 

Eating whole grain cereals instead of sugary cereals
Trying a whole wheat bagel instead of a cinnamon roll
Moving during TV commercial breaks instead of sitting still
Drinking water instead of soda (or other sugary drinks)
Snacking on unsalted mixed nuts instead of sugary candy
Taking a walk break instead of a smoke break
Taking more family walks while talking about ideas for healthy meal options
Cooking healthy meals together as a family (get the kids involved)

For a complete list of healthy lifestyle swaps, visit and for a long list of healthy hacks for busy parents, visit can also find other tools, resources and dozens of easy, low-cost recipes at

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