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Codes and Regulations​

The Oklahoma Food Code ensures the safe and honest presentation of food to consumers. Grounded in the FDA’s model, the code is complemented by local ordinances and other regulatory guidelines.

A Comprehensive Resource

Oklahoma Food Code details the requirements that eating and drinking establishments must meet to safeguard public health. Its regulations are designed to help ensure food is unadulterated and honestly presented when offered to the consumer. The Oklahoma Food Code is based on the Food and Drug Association (FDA) model food code.

In addition to the Oklahoma Food Code, cities within Oklahoma can adopt local ordinances related to their city and often include licensing requirements, local enforcement procedures and employee and manager training requirements. Depending on the food product being provided or sold, other government agencies may be involved in formulating rules and regulations such as the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture or the Federal Department of Agriculture.

State of Oklahoma Food Code
US FDA Food Code
Good Manufacturing Practices

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