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Underground Storage Tank​

Exposure to contaminants from a leaking underground storage tank pose a significant public health risk. Our goal is to protect Tulsa County’s environment.

An underground storage tank (UST) refers to a tank and any underground piping connected to a tank that has at least 10% of its combined volume underground. USTs are used to store petroleum and oil at automobile filling stations as well as other hazardous substances.

In the event of a leak, spill, or overflow, the risk of contamination to soil and groundwater is exceptionally high. Many of the impurities released from leaking UST’s include volatile organic compounds and petroleum which readily evaporate into the air and soil. Exposure to these contaminants pose a significant public health risk.

Apply for Permit and License

THD issues permits and licenses for the installation and operation of underground gasoline storage tanks commonly used in gas stations. In addition, our staff conducts approximately 300 inspections of such tanks in Tulsa County annually. The goal is to ensure proper vapor recovery equipment is in use, which protects against ozone emissions.

Please call 918-595-4200 for more information and fees. Most major credit cards accepted.


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