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Mobile Food Vending​

Explore licensing requirements, operational guidelines, and plan submission processes for mobile food services. Get an overview of fee structures and find vendors in Tulsa County.

All food service establishments in Tulsa County, including mobile food vending operations, require a license that must be renewed annually.

THD categorizes mobile food services as follows:

  • Full-service mobile: a vehicle or trailer designed and equipped to prepare and serve open food products.
  • Pre-packaged (retail) mobile: a vehicle or trailer limited to the sale of commercially manufactured pre-packaged products, or products prepared and packaged at a licensed food service establishment.
  • Pushcart: a non-self-propelled vehicle limited to the sale of non-Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods, the sale of commercially pre-packaged foods maintained at proper temperatures, or the preparation and sale of frankfurters.

Full-service mobile food establishments are required to meet certain regulations regarding their construction, water system, equipment, personnel and food safety. Pre-packaged mobile and pushcart food establishments are exempted from some of these requirements.

Mobile food establishment plans must be submitted to THD with the appropriate fees. Completed plans and applications can be submitted digitally or as hardcopies. Documentation submitted needs to include a menu, equipment layout, size of water tanks, location of lighting and any additional photos or documents to better illustrate the mobile unit.

Properly prepared plans and specifications must be submitted for review and approval whenever:

  1. New mobile establishments are constructed; or
  2. Mobile Establishments are remodeled, or changes are made to the food operation and type of food service provided; or
  3. Food inspector determines plan submission is necessary to ensure compliance with Oklahoma Food Establishment Regulations.

Mobile food establishments that only sell prepackaged foods and are not engaged in food preparation operations are not required to submit a plan review application or pay the plan review fee.

STOP – If commissary is not in Tulsa County contact the appropriate county health department. Click here to find contact information and application submission guidelines.

Hardcopy Submission

Submitter hand-delivers plan documents or sends to our office by courier. Plan application, finish schedule document, plan review questionnaire, along with establishment plans must be submitted with the appropriate fee, made payable to the Tulsa Health Department. Three complete sets of plans need to be submitted for City of Broken Arrow projects (two copies will be returned after THD review which will then need to be taken to the City of Broken Arrow). Two complete sets of plans are needed for all other Tulsa County jurisdictions.

Regardless of submission process, the review turn-around time should take approximately fourteen (14) business days. Please review all Tulsa Health Department (THD) review notes prior to construction. The THD reviewed plan documents should be referred to and maintained on site until the final inspection is conducted. Any redraws or changes made to project drawings after THD approval must also be reviewed and approved.

For questions regarding food establishment plans, please call 918-595-4300.

Oklahoma State Department of Health Fee – $425 required for all mobile operations.

Every city has the ability to adopt a city ordinance that requires additional permits to operate a business within the city limits. Below are cities in Tulsa County that will require additional permits in order to operate within their city limits.

  • Fee for City of Broken Arrow Food Permit*
    • Full-service mobile $150 per vehicle
    • Pre-packaged mobile $60 per vehicle
    • Pushcart vending operations $60 per pushcart
  • Fee for City of Bixby and City of Tulsa Food Permit*
    • Full-service mobile $155 per vehicle
    • Pre-packaged mobile $155 per vehicle
    • Pushcart vending operations $155 per pushcart
    • NOTE: The cities charge a $5 processing fee on all new license applications

*Additional city permits for outdoor sellers or peddlers may be required. Please contact the City of Tulsa licensing and permits office at (918) 596-9456 regarding mobile outdoor sellers application for a mobile food operation or the City of Broken Arrow licensing and permits office at (918) 259- 2411 for an itinerant merchant food vendor application. Please contact the City of Bixby licensing and permits office at (918) 366-0453 regarding mobile outdoor sellers application for a mobile food operation.

If you are interested in finding mobiles that operate in Tulsa County, use the retail food inspection search feature.

For more information, please call 918-595-4300.


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